PSFK - Adaptive Storefront

Reported in the PSFK Future of Retail report 2013 - read the article here

Shop windows don't have to be a passive experience. As part of PSFK's Future of Retail Report, me along with rehabstudio developed, designed a prototyped an interactive display that adapts to whoever stands in front of it.

The technology identifies shoppers using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and instantly reacts to a set of personal data stored on their mobile device, such as shopping habits and preferences. Shoppers can swipe through personalised content, place items in a digital shopping cart, and purchase straight from the physical display. This concept could be deployed outside the context of a store environment, be it street on physical billboards, bus stop signs or car showrooms.

Project developed at rehabstudio, working as a Creative Technologist. Half of the creative input.

PSFK Adaptive Storefront

PSFK Adaptive Storefront example