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eSleeper is a 21st century technology-focused cat basket, designed to be an ideal resting location for any cat. When the feline decides its nap-time, eSleeper’s automated lighting control turns on creative wave of colour inside an eMac, while greeting the cat with the iconic Macintosh start-up chime (keeping the legacy of the eMac). When the cat walks out, eSleeper turns off the lights and tweets to @eSleeper1, displaying various phrases along with how long the cat has occupied eSleeper.

How does it work?

Technology and hardware wise, an Ethernet Arduino is used to control eSleeper. Data is sent to the Arduino from an infra-red beam attached to the inside of the eMac. When the beam breaks, the Arduino turns on the RGB LED, send a digital message to a sound shield to play the Macintosh startup chime and records how long the cat has been inside. When the beam is broken again, the Arduino code turns off the LED and Tweets a random phrase linked to the time spent inside the eSleeper.


eSleeper Arduino