Converse Hack-a-chuck

Converse asked us to hack their sneakers, so me along with rehabstudio set out to create the ultimate personalised pair of Chuck Taylors.

I inserted an accelerometer X+Y axis, pressure sensors, Arduino microcontroller, and batteries inside each shoe so that they would track the wearer's moves, and send the corresponding data wirelessly to a computer, which rendered colourful graphics projected onto a screen.

These graphics could then be printed onto a new pair of Chucks, for a truly personalised design that's entirely unique to how the wearer moves. Our hacked sneakers premiered at Cannes in 2013, where they picked up the silver prize in their category. Project developed by me for rehabstudio, working as a Creative Technologist, for Google+ and Converse

Coded and hardware designed and made by myself | part-creative input

Converse hack-a-chuck

Converse hack-a-chuck

Converse shoes in action