AirBnB - The AirGuide

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In seven short years, Airbnb has transformed the way people stay. In 2015, the platform connected nearly 17 million guests with hosts around the world and research suggests Airbnb will soon be taking more room bookings than the biggest international hotel chains. At the heart of this success is Airbnb’s ability to amass a range of unique properties and a networked user community happy to share positive experiences. The process is currently built on information sharing—for booking, communication and reviewing.

Building on personal and social network preferences, online community knowledge and guide partnerships, Dare imagined an automated AirGuide, designed to eliminate obstacles, build partnerships, encourage advocacy and create customer confidence. The AirGuide is designed to help travellers be inspired, make confident decisions, eliminate booking obstacles and encourage future advocacy.

Between booking and starting a vacation, AirGuide populates and presents travellers with a digital guide to their next destination, suggesting an itinerary based on community input from Airbnb users who’ve stayed nearby. Data is pulled from personal networking sites and includes points of interest tailored to the traveler and any possible travel partners interest, available for booking right in the app.

Completing the loop, travellers are encouraged to add their own feedback, enhancing AirGuide for other users. Customers who leave feedback are rewarded with ‘super guest’ status within Airbnb enabling a new level of trust for Airbnb hosts and faster booking responses in the future.

Project developed at Dare as a Creative Technologist.



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